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Building DEB packages

July 28, 2009

A good starting point is the Debian Binary Package Building HOWTO. The postinst and prerm scripts can be placed in /DEBIAN/ and dpkg-deb will do the right thing when building the package.

The ubuntu wiki also has a nice introduction.


Empathy gives “Network Error”

July 27, 2009

Recently empathy has been giving randomish errors for certain protocols, mostly MSN and Facebook. The message is “Network Error“.

This forum thread hints a solution: Simply run “killall telepathy-butterfly” and restart empathy.

Installing STY files in Ubuntu

July 22, 2009

This article explains how to install a LaTeX style file – as found in CTAN – under Ubuntu.

Of the Science of Gaming

July 17, 2009

Anandtech has an interesting article on how various hard- and software affect the gaming experience.

Human responce is said to be somewhere between 150 and 300 ms. Add to this the time spent within the game engine and logic, the graphics driver and hardware, and the relevant IO devices such as mouse and monitor.

As a result, with the wrong hardware you are – as a gamer – already a big step behind the competition.

Update: See also this story on slashdot. Some of the comments seems to carry insights as well.

Fuck the Foundries

July 16, 2009

First of all, those are not my words.

Recent developments in key web standards have opened up for the use of arbitrary (sort of) fonts, instead of the usual 11 web-safe ones. In an interview, David Berlow – a successfull type designer – seems to indicate that, it is the foundries belief that all existing standards should be changed to make room for some sort of permission table to handle the foundries copyright requirements, hereby rendering all current fonts unlinkable.

Related link.