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Sharing a network connection

October 28, 2009

Note: This applies to multiple flavors of Ubuntu; Jaunty as well as Karmic. Also, it might be generic to all distributions based on Network Manager.

At the university we have a eduroam-based wireless network. It has not been very dependable yet; sometimes you can log on, sometimes you cannot. It doesn’t seem to be directly related to signal strength.

It seems that Ubuntu – which uses Network Manager – is quite well suited for this environment. Our setup is based on two laptops; one which can connect to eduroam and one which cannot. These are connected by a standard ethernet cable. The laptop connected to eduroam is then set up to share the connection.

The Guide

First open up the network connections dialog. Do this by right clicking on the Network Manager icon in the notification area and choose ‘Edit Connections …’. In the ‘Wired’ tab, click ‘Add’ to add a new connection. Fill it out like so:

Add connection dialog box

The important parts are

  1. The method. This should be ‘Shared to other computers’.
  2. The unmarking of ‘Connect automatically’. This will make sure other connections (like DHCP) take precedence.

After confirming this dialog (by clicking ‘Apply …’) the list of network connections should look like this:

List of network connections

Thats it! When you whish to share a wireless connection, click on the network manager icon in the notification area and choose ‘Share Connection’ under ‘Wired networks’.


Facebook chat with Empathy under Ubuntu (Karmic)

October 26, 2009

Update 2: New solution.

Update 1: This no longer works for me. I’m getting the feeling that Facebook might be messing around with the protocol …

The solution for Jaunty seems to have degenerated.

I recently installed Karmic (Koala) Beta and decided to give it a try again. For me, installing the pidgin-facebookchat package and following the instructions at the relevant (bottom) part of the official documentations page regarding protocols. The experience is not entirely stable, but for a beta release I guess it’s ok.

Resetting Evolution

October 15, 2009

Not the Darwinian kind, but the mail client. This is useful if you want to move evolution data back and forth between two machines.

A little google-research seems to indicate that Evolution stores its data at several locations:

  • Running processes These may interfere with our work.
    Exit them by running: killall evolution-data-server-2.26 evolution-alarm-notify
    Note that the name of the data server seems to follow the relase of evolution (2.26 in this case).
  • ~/.evolution This is the big one, containing mails and other kind of data.
    Backed up by running: mv ~/.evolution ~/.evolution.bk0
    Note this resets the location.
  • ~/.gconf/apps/evolution Contains GConf data. This is most likely and old format which I have lying around.
    Backed up by running: mv ~/.gconf/apps/evolution ~/.evolution_gconf
    Note this resets the location.
  • gconf2://apps/evolution Contains GConf data, new format.
    I don’t know how to backup this.
    Removed by running[source]: gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/evolution
    Note this resets the location.

When these locations have been cleared, starting evolution will launch a settings importer, which can load settings from a backup. Backups can be created by chosing ‘Backup Settings …’ from the ‘File’ menu.

Note: This process appears to forget all about your signatures. Use other means to back them up if necessary.