Facebook chat with Empathy under Ubuntu (Karmic)

Update 2: New solution.

Update 1: This no longer works for me. I’m getting the feeling that Facebook might be messing around with the protocol …

The solution for Jaunty seems to have degenerated.

I recently installed Karmic (Koala) Beta and decided to give it a try again. For me, installing the pidgin-facebookchat package and following the instructions at the relevant (bottom) part of the official documentations page regarding protocols. The experience is not entirely stable, but for a beta release I guess it’s ok.


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2 Responses to “Facebook chat with Empathy under Ubuntu (Karmic)”

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    […] 2: With the forthcomming release of Karmic Koala this guide becomes (more or less) obsolete. This guide deals with the new […]

  2. Facebook chat revisited « Aslak Johansen’s Weblog Says:

    […] Facebook chat revisited By aslakjohansen Earlier attempts at connecting Empathy (under Ubuntu) to the facebook chat have proven short-termed[1,2]. […]

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