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Facebook chat revisited

February 12, 2010

Earlier attempts at connecting Empathy (under Ubuntu) to the facebook chat have proven short-termed[1,2].

In a bizarre twist of fate, the people at Facebook have put on their white hats and done the right thing by exposing their chat functionality under the banner of XMPP/Jabber. There is an official guide with step-by-step instructions for a few specific clients and the general information needed to connect any other client.

There also exists a step-by-step guide for Empathy. Do note, that when adding the account, you want to “Reuse an existing account”, and not “Create a new account”.

I might come up with some cleaner instructions …


List of References

February 5, 2010

This is the master reference.

  • Blender – a 3D content creation suite
  • GNOME 3 – a desktop environment
  • GnuPlot – a graphing utility
  • LaTeX – a high-quality typesetting system
  • Perl – the swiss army chainsaw of programming languages
  • Python – a scripting language with a rather flat learning curve
  • Git – a distributed versioning control system

To be updated …

Blender References

February 5, 2010

To be updated …