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ADB Over WiFi

July 23, 2013

This assumes that you have your phone in developer mode, that it is attached to your computer using a USB cable and that it is accessible from the computer through

Switch to wireless ADB by running (on the computer):
adb tcpip 5555
adb connect

Switch back to wired by running:
adb usb

Read more here.


Android LogCat

June 12, 2013

The main logging infrastructure on android — LogCat — is essentially a circular buffer (of limited size) stored in /dev/log/main. Debugging tools can sip into it. In order to keep a longer sequence of entries it needs to be connected to adb or a similar system. Apps like alogcat can display the log without having some other computer tethered.

Details are available on this blog.

Hidden Android Developer Settings

May 17, 2013

In Android 4.2 the developer settings have been hidden. Among others, this affects the Nexus 4 phone.

This post explains how to access them.

In short you go to “Settings” -> “About phone” and click the “Build number” item 7 (yes, that’s seven) times.

ADT: The connection to adb is down, and a severe error has occured

May 10, 2013

The Android Developer Tools (ADT) version of Eclipse has a so-called “Android Virtual Device Manager”, available through the “Window” menu. It essentially holds a list of virtual device configurations. A highlighted configuration can be started.

If no configuration is started, running an application will result in the following error message:

[2013-05-10 13:54:45 - MyFirstApp] Android Launch!
[2013-05-10 13:54:45 - MyFirstApp] The connection to adb is down, and a severe error has occured.
[2013-05-10 13:54:45 - MyFirstApp] You must restart adb and Eclipse.
[2013-05-10 13:54:45 - MyFirstApp] Please ensure that adb is correctly located at '/opt/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20130219/sdk/platform-tools/adb' and can be executed.

Installing Android Developer Tools on Debian Testing

January 11, 2013


Download from here.


Assuming that (i) /opt exists, (ii) you have permission to write to it, and (iii) you downloaded the amd64 version to ~/Downloads:

cd /opt
unzip ~/Downloads/


Start by running:

cd /opt/adt-bundle-linux/eclipse

Add shortcut to Gnome Shell

Save the following to /usr/share/applications/adt.desktop:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Android Developer Tools
GenericName=Android Developer Tools
Comment=Android Developer Tools


  1. You must be superuser to write to this location.
  2. There are two references to the installation directory.
  3. There should be a local version of /usr/share/applications/, but I couldn’t find it.
  4. The 64-bit version depends on a 32-bit libncurses package.

At this point ADT should be registered with the gnome activity screen.