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Git References

July 2, 2013

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Modifying message of last commit in GIT

July 14, 2011

You wrote the wrong description for the last commit and it annoys you. What to do?

git commit --amend -m "The correct description"

This will modify the history. Further discussion here.

List of Graphical Interfaces to GIT

June 1, 2011




List of References

February 5, 2010

This is the master reference.

  • Blender – a 3D content creation suite
  • GNOME 3 – a desktop environment
  • GnuPlot – a graphing utility
  • LaTeX – a high-quality typesetting system
  • Perl – the swiss army chainsaw of programming languages
  • Python – a scripting language with a rather flat learning curve
  • Git – a distributed versioning control system

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Timetraveling with GIT

November 8, 2009

or checking out a specific commit.

First, one has to locate the hash of the commit. This can be done by:

  1. Scanning the log by running “git log” (press q to quit). Look for lines labeled commit.
  2. Scanning the log in giggle. Look for the SHA-line. Example:
    Screenshot of Giggle, click to enlarge

In this case our hash is 7f8d2051582dd030e3c07ded70010af033461e31.

Then, come up with a name for a branch to refer the this specific revision. For this example we will use old-branch.

Last, set up the branch by running:

git checkout -b old-branch 7f8d2051582dd030e3c07ded70010af033461e31

Syntax: The general syntax is: “git checkout -b BRANCHNAME HASH