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Measuring the Desktop

November 1, 2009

From time to time one needs to measure stuff on the desktop. You might – for instance – want to know whether some region of an image will fit nicely into some part of a webpage.

In ubuntu (both jaunty and karmic releases) the screenruler application provides an easily available mean to do just that. This application is available through a package of the same name and can be found in the menu under Applications -> Accessories -> Screen Ruler.

Screenshot of two instances of 'screenruler' application

The screenshot above shows two instances of screenruler along with the contextual menu (available through right-click or a menu button which appears when the mouse hovers over the ruler). Through this menu the metric can be changed. The length of the ruler can be changed by pulling in the ends and the orientation can be flipped by middle-clicking.


Facebook chat with Empathy under Ubuntu (Karmic)

October 26, 2009

Update 2: New solution.

Update 1: This no longer works for me. I’m getting the feeling that Facebook might be messing around with the protocol …

The solution for Jaunty seems to have degenerated.

I recently installed Karmic (Koala) Beta and decided to give it a try again. For me, installing the pidgin-facebookchat package and following the instructions at the relevant (bottom) part of the official documentations page regarding protocols. The experience is not entirely stable, but for a beta release I guess it’s ok.