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Sensor Swab Type Explanation

July 30, 2013

While looking for a description of the differences in the three types of sensor swab products from Photographic Solutions I came across this reference.

The overall rule seem to be that the key is:

  • Type 1 – For reduced frame (crop 1.3) sensors
  • Type 2 – For reduced frame (crop >1.3) sensors
  • Type 3 – For full-frame (35mm) sensors

There are discrepancies though (e.g. the Nikon D7000 being mapped to type 1).

On a related note Thom Hogan has a nice article on sensor cleaning.


Fuck the Foundries

July 16, 2009

First of all, those are not my words.

Recent developments in key web standards have opened up for the use of arbitrary (sort of) fonts, instead of the usual 11 web-safe ones. In an interview, David Berlow – a successfull type designer – seems to indicate that, it is the foundries belief that all existing standards should be changed to make room for some sort of permission table to handle the foundries copyright requirements, hereby rendering all current fonts unlinkable.

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