Empathy gives “Network Error”

Recently empathy has been giving randomish errors for certain protocols, mostly MSN and Facebook. The message is “Network Error“.

This forum thread hints a solution: Simply run “killall telepathy-butterfly” and restart empathy.

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28 Responses to “Empathy gives “Network Error””

  1. Paul Howard Says:

    Nice tip. Worked great.

  2. Yousaf M. Shaikh Says:

    Did NOT work. I’m still getting the same error.

    Anybody else have any fixes or suggestions for this nuisance?

  3. Ben Says:

    This isn’t a new problem for me, but it seems to happen a great deal lately. Sometimes with all accounts, sometimes mostly with msn, and sometimes with gmail – in fact my gmail has been off for the last 5 days straight (before that I was connected, and would get an IM everytime I posted a blip to Google Wave…

    This is just toooooo damned annoying – and it seems the solutions aren’t too concrete. IM seems to be something that needs fine tuning to keep working – and that seems to be tuned for Windows or Mac environments.

  4. Ben Says:

    Something JUST worked….

    I was running Empathy, and killing stuff didn’t work.

    Then I fired up aMSN and logged into MSN there.

    Then I fired up Pidgin… and had an ‘add MSN contact’ from aMSN – which I accepted.

    Then I told pidgin to re-enable the MSN account (which failed to login, because it was on aMSN)

    Then I killed aMSN – and Pidgin put ALL the lights on. XMPP and Yahoo and MSN.

  5. Adam Says:

    Perfect fix. Thanks!

  6. Misantropolis Says:

    I found that enpathy needed my facebook username and not my login email.
    That fixed it for me. Easy and simple

  7. DAN Says:

    Nice, Thanks

  8. IKEE Says:

    thanks a lot. It works 😀

  9. bmwerks Says:

    it works just tried the killall command and restart and now i can connect to msn!

  10. Mak Says:

    Worked a charm for fixing MSN. Cheers!

  11. Chris Says:

    Worked great, had connection problems with all accounts, only caveat was I’m running telepathy-haze, a simple ps -ef | grep telepathy gave me the info I needed.

  12. Javier Says:

    supi! works perfect

  13. Alessandro Says:


  14. George Marques Says:

    Worked great! Thanks a lot!

  15. david Says:

    didn’t work for me :S

  16. alipro Says:

    It worked. Thank you

  17. Black Hacking star Says:

    Please explain clearly. i don’t know how to do this.

  18. bleepblop Says:

    Thank you, that worked.

  19. natrium Says:

    works great
    thanx a lot!

  20. bIZ Says:

    username would be whats after facebook.com/yourusername

  21. James 'Swifty' Irving-Swift Says:

    cheers, that worked a treat.

  22. no process found Says:

    telepathy-butterfly: no process found


  23. Adrian Loh Says:

    Tried it and it worked. Thank you.

  24. SH (@_sergh) Says:

    I did it, now I get
    “Disconnected. No reason specified.”
    Progress I guess?

  25. Davy Cielen Says:

    Worked for me too 😀 … paste the login name that appears on the facebook url when you are using facebook online.

  26. Nathan P. Says:

    Will this command work in Linux Mint 10?

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